Toy Box Mini Golf is the world’s first toy-themed mini golf course; and it’s right here in Pigeon Forge! (Better yet, it’s right next door to us!) Endless photo opportunities are here. The toys are way too cool to not show off, so let’s take a tour around the course! 

1. Fighting Bots

Coming in at the first hole of the course, you can walk right through this massive bot fight! 

2. Block Tower 

Standing at over 30 feet tall, this block tower looks like it just might fall over into the water!

3. Doll on an RC Car 

Every RC car needs a driver, and this doll is the girl for the job. 

4. Army Men 

Walk through an epic war between army men! They even have sound effects that sound like a real fight! 

5. Board Game Pieces 

Board games are a classic; and you’ll feel like you’re on a game board at this hole.

6. Doll House

Every kid’s dream: a massive 6 foot tall doll house! 

7. Crashing Cars

Remember making your cars crash into each other? Now you can sit in them as they crash for fun and a cool photo! 

8. Fun-Dough Throwers

These fun-dough people are in a mega dough-ball fight with the guy at the next hole…

9. Wrestler 

Is he winning the dough-ball fight? At over 10 feet tall, we think so! 

10. Dinosaur  

Meet their friendly dino friend! 

We listed ten here, but there are so many more awesome toys at this course; like the puzzle cube, video game, chess board, and water gun fountain. Adults and kids alike have a blast here with mega toys from nostalgic to new-age! Visit our front counter to get a deal on tickets!